Joining the Dojo

Shorei-Kan Dojo-Kun
Shorei-Kan Karate Precepts

Warera Karate-Do Wo Osamuru Mono Wa
Those who follow the Path of Karate
Hitotsu Reisetsu Wo Totobu Besh
One – Be courteous and respectful
Hitotsu Wa No Kokoro Wo Yashinau Beshi
One – Develop a serene and harmonious outlook
Hitotsu Nintai Surukoto Wo Manabu Beshi
One – Study the value of perseverance and patience
Hitotsu Shoujin Ni Tessu Beshi
One – Work towards self-improvement in all aspects of life
Hitotsu Kokoro To Waza No Icchi Ni Tsutomu Beshi
One – Strive to cultivate both spirit and technical skill
Hitotsu Karate-Do No Shinjo Wo Seikatsu Ni Ikasu Beshi
One – Apply the princiles of the Path of Karate to your every day behaviours

The practice of Shoreikan Karate offers many valuable benefits!

  • Karate begins and ends with expressions of respect in the bow, learn naturally how to be more courteous.
  • We offer careful instruction for all ages and levels of physical fitness.
  • Breathing is of great importance in Karate and will improve your natural vitality.
  • Learn self-defense, build a healthy body, and gain in confidence.

We accept students any time. You are very welcome to come and view the training.

Nakano-ku Honcho 2-26-6 Joganji Temple (Our dojo is in the building next to the front gate of the temple)

【Practice day】
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
– Public holidays and the 5th week are basically closed days.
– The above closed days are subject to change, so please be sure to check the calendar on the following page.
Schedule (

【Practice Times】
Due to the influence of COVID-19, it may change from time to time, so please check the calendar on the following page.
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Joining Fee
– 5,000 Yen
Monthly Fee
– From young children to junior high school students – 6,000 Yen
– high school, university student – 6,500 Yen
– Adults excluding students– 7,000 Yen

– The monthly fee is the same regardless of the number of times you participate in training.
– The price will be the same regardless of whether you participate in all the lessons for a month or if you only participate once.

Please feel free to [contact us] for more information.